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ADHD healing
There is a War on Our Children:
1 in 11 have ADHD
1 in 36 have Autism
1 in 5 have a speech delay
4 in 10 have depression
1 in 10 have anxiety

But we can win this battle and heal our children. At Warriors of Care, we give you the tools to do so!

Welcome to the Warrior Family!

At Warriors of Care, we understand how hard it is to be a parent of a child with a behavioral or cognitive disorder. You are truly a warrior fighting everyday for your child and it ain't easy!  We also understand that the healthcare world sees your child as that diagnosis and only that diagnosis. Many healthcare experts will tell you your child has a genetic disorder and they don't know what caused it.


At Warriors of Care, we believe that there are underlying medical issues that cause the symptoms of disorders such as Autism, ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety. These medical issues are treatable and thus the child's symptoms can be alleviated. We are here to help you find what that issue or issues may be and to get your child on a treatment plan towards healing. No more services or medications that just put a bandaid on your child's diagnosis. We go after the actual root cause of it all and look to heal holistically. 


In order to do that, we offer a comprehensive assessment that will result in a multifaceted, individualized plan of action to identify potential reasons for your child's symptoms. We will create a strategic plan together to help heal your child from their symptoms and get them living to their highest potential.  


Through our website, we will offer other tools to help you on this journey such as:

  • Blog articles on the latest research, interventions and tips and tricks to help manage your child's diagnosis

  • Tip sheets on things such as nutrition, biomedical testing, and supplements

  • Links to resources to help navigate you on this healing journey

You are not alone in this battle, we are here with you every step of the way!

Hi! I'm Danielle Stull!

This is my story...

When my son was diagnosed with Autism, my nurse brain could not let go of the notion that this is being caused by something else going on in his body. Even though all the “experts” and doctors (we went to 8 of them) told me this was a genetic disorder and they really don’t know what triggers it, I still knew in my heart there was more to this diagnosis. After 5 years of educating myself and reading tons of research, taking courses and consulting with different specialists,  I finally had found my answer. Many recent studies have now proven that there is a very strong correlation between Autism symptoms and autoimmune disease. It became clear to me that my son was actually very sick. Healing him became my mission. Healing other children became my passion.

Doctors, educators and other health care professionals are very quick to shove symptoms like stimming, tics, speech delay, hyperactivity, low muscle tone all into the Autism box and say - it's normal for that diagnosis. The truth, however, is that all those symptoms are actually related to another health issue. Go here to read more about other medical issues that cause Autism symptoms. My son, for instance, has PANS, mold toxicity, gut dysbiosis, brain inflammation and a lack of primitive reflexes being integrated. Treating these issues actually results in less Autism symptoms. 

I created Warriors of Care because it angered me that my son had been so sick for so long and it was all brushed under the Autism label. If I didn't search and ask and advocate, my son would have kept getting worse and have a lower quality of life. Our children deserve better. I now help other parents advocate for their children in getting appropriate testing to find a correct diagnosis and get on a healing treatment plan. This journey is not just about healing our children but ourselves as well. As a population we are sick. Our bodies are overly toxic from our environment and we are passing it down to our children. This is why the rates of the spectrum disorders keep going up. We need to be the generation that stops this now! Not just for our children but for their children and their children. 

Not sure if this is the right thing for you? I offer a free consultation. Go here to schedule a 30 minute consultation to see if this is something you want to do.

Autism Healing

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